Wassce Grading System 2019 Updated

Wassce grading system 2019 updated, The WASSCE WAEC grading system for 2019 is a detailed grading system that comprises of a two fold grading criteria. The WASSCE grading system Ghana for WASSCE is fairly unique with at least 3 grades giving you a credit and two grades give you a pass. So this means you have to be exceptionally good to get the top grades.

Wassce Grading System 2019 Updated

The WAEC Ghana WASSCE grading system awards students who have done exceptionally well in the exam an A1 and fro those that have done well but not as well as those who have the A1 are given a B2. The other grades that follow are the B3 (good), then the people who have credits are given the C4, C5, and C6. For a pass, you are given a D7 and a E8. The students who fail are given an F9.

Let us look at the novdec grading system interpretation of the grades.

A1 – Excellent

B2 – Very good

B3- Good

C4, C5 , C6 – Credit




The WASSCE grading system 2018 also attaches the percentages that will make you qualify for the grade you wish to get. Let us proceed to the marks for WAEC grading system in the WASSCE examination.

WAEC grading scale with percentages.

A1 – 75 to 100%

B2 – 70 to 74%

B3- 65 to 69%

C4 – 60 to 64%

C5 – 55 to 59%

C6 – 50 to 54%

D7 – 45 to 49%

E8 – 40 to 45%

F9 – 0 to 39%

Knowing the WASSCE marks and grading is very important for students. It is of even more importance for students to have the knowledge of the latest WAEC grading system for them to know how they may fair in the examinations. The early bird catches the worm and the earlier you understand the new grading system of WAEC the better. In addition to this, you will be motivated to work even harder to reach your goal. It is important to know that you will not get admitted to any tertiary institution if you get anything below a “C” in Mathematics or English.

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