Ignore Unapproved Textbooks, Use NaCCa Approved Teachers Resource Packs – NaCCa Boss

The National Council for curriculum and Assessment (NaCCa) boss Dr. Prince H. Armah has cautioned teachers to Ignore Unapproved Textbooks and use only NaCCa Approved Teachers Resource Packs for teaching in schools.

In an interview with Ghana’s leading Newspaper, Daily Graphic, Executive Secretary of NaCCA, Dr. Prince H. Armah has stated that only textbooks approved by NaCCA should be accepted for use in schools.

Ignore Unapproved Textbooks, Use NaCCa Approved Teacher Resource Packs - NaCCa Boss

Ignore Unapproved Textbooks, Use NaCCa Approved Teachers Resource Packs – NaCCa Boss

He recounted that, “before a textbook is approved it goes through laborious stages hence the delay in the availability of textbooks”

He further stated that it is not the very first time there has been a delay in textbook approval, taking the Daily Graphic down memory lane, Dr. Armah explained that, “during the 1987 basic school curriculum reforms, which were premised on the 1974 reforms, the textbooks that came in 1987 were those published in 1974″

He further added that when the textbooks came a year after 1987, the materials were even 10 years older and cited instances where mathematics textbook used at that time: The Ghana Maths Series, which was published in 1975 after the 1974 reforms and the 1987 review were the same maths books submitted for use in the 1988/1989 academic year”.

Dr Armah also recalled that from 1998 to 2001 when Ghana underwent the Free Compulsory Universal Basic Education (FCUBE) reforms, the old textbooks were used, adding that it was only in 2005 that the old books were replaced to reflect the 2001 curriculum review.

He said even though the textbooks at that time did not conform with the new curriculum, they were in use for four years from 2001 to 2005 before the new textbooks were made available.

The Executive Secretary further added “Then in 2007 there was another review. The Prof. Anamuah-Mensah Committee was set up in 2001. It made a number of recommendations and based on those recommendations the curriculum was reviewed in 2007″.

He explained that the existing textbooks were used because there was not too much change in the content then.

Today, the situation is different, textbooks are being assessed competently in line with the curriculum reforms and delivery hence the need to assess teaching standards using the teacher resource packs to inform approvals on methodology and pedagogy.

He assured the public that soon the approval processes will be completed and textbooks aligned with the new curriculum will be introduced for use to aid students in their respective study.

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