How to Print CSSPS Placement Enrolment Form from the Internet

The Computerized School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS) Results is Out for the 2019/2020 academic session, check below.

The Ministry of Education, Ghana Education System has released the 2019 School Selection and Placement results for the 2019/2020 academic year.

How to Print CSSPS Placement Enrolment Form from the Internet

You will need to purchase a scratch card from S.I.C, A.D.B. bank or from any post office in your neighborhood.
1. Visit the School placement website
2. Enter your index number, Don’t forget to add ‘YY’ at the end of your index number where ‘YY’ is year of completion. Eg 052311802519
3. The serial and pin number on the scratch card and submit.
If you are lucky, your forms would be displaced without any sweat.

How to Print out CSSPS Placement Enrolment Form from the Internet

If you are not so lucky, a lot of funny information like this would be shown;
” Sorry the Index Number, Scratch Card Number/PIN Number does not exist. Please look carefully and retype. If you are very sure about it, please send email to [email protected]
I know you are sure about the information you submitted, the fault is not from the scratch card, its the system which is not working properly. Keep on trying until your form is shown.
Don’t rush to buy a new card. I am sure they are still working on the site and probably it is jammed up. It wasn’t designed for over 500,000 candidates to visit the site at once. Just relax and try at dawn or late in the night.
How to Print Out CSSPS Placement Results Slip from the Internet

Results of the 514,215 candidates who sat for the exams were released by the West African Examination Council last week.

The entire results of 2497 candidates were withheld pending the conclusion of investigations.

Those of 19 candidates were cancelled “for bringing mobile phones into the examination hall and receiving external assistance”.

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One hundred and thirty-four had their subject results cancelled for bringing foreign materials into the exams centres.

Others among the 173 had their subject results cancelled for collusion and engaging in irregular activity during the exams.

According to the Council, it is investigating the alleged malpractices after which a determination would be made on either to release or cancel those results, a statement by the Council announcing the release of the BECE results said.

GES Release SHS Placement for Eligible Bece Candidates, 2019

Meanwhile, the GES has asked the candidates who passed their exams to go to the Computer School Selection and Placement portal or to check the schools they have been placed.

Alternatively, candidates can check their placement by purchasing the CSSPS scratch card and texting the 10-digit code plus their index number to the short code *447*160#  on all mobile networks.

“Candidates can now print their placement forms and send them to their respective schools,” the GES said in a statement.

How to Check 2019 Bece School Placements in 8 Simple Steps

The 2019 placement will offer prospective Senior High School Students who sat for the 2019 BECE an opportunity to continue their education. 

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1. Obtain the relevant scratch card called the CSSPS Placement Checker. This card can be bought on line in bulk or just a copy or two. Go to BUY SCHOOL PLACEMENT CHEKER ONLINE to buy buy a CSSPS Placement Card with Momo.

2. Get a computer with internet access or a mobile phone with internet access

3. Again, With the aid of the computer/ phone with internet access visit the online portal

4. Also, enter your 10 digits index number to proceed. Example 0101689002 and introduce the year you took the exams. For 2019 BECE graduates your index number will be followed by 19.  Example 010168900219.

5. Look carefully on the checker and key in the serial number on it in the field designated for it.

6. Enter your PIN (Personal Identification Number) also on the scratch card you bought.

7. Finally, check if everything is correct and click submit. Patiently wait for the results of the placement to pup up.

8.  If you were successfully placed,  print form out the school placement.

Note that, when so many people are trying to access their placement at the same time, the system may slow down or give error feedback. Just be patient and try again. 

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