GES SHS Automatic Placement System (APS), 2019/2020

The first set of BECE graduates will be placed under the 2019 GES SHS Automatic Placement System or School placement Automatic Placement System (APS)

According to the GES. after students have been ranked by their BECE performance, the Automatic Placement System (APS) takes charge and places students in the secondary school of their choice.

GES SHS Automatic Placement System (APS) ,2019/2020

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GES SHS Automatic Placement System (APS) ,2019/2020

The placements are based on the Program chosen and the type of accommodation vacancies in the schools.

The performance of the candidate is crucial in reaching the final decision as to whether they will be placed or not.

Is the Automatic Placement System (APS) fair?

According to the Ghana Education Service, the Automatic Placement System (APS) is very fair. The system is designed to place importance on the merits of the candidates’ performance in the just-ended 2019 BECEThe availability of vacancies in the schools selected is also considered.

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