5 Simple Steps to Access SHS Placement Results on 8th September

We present to you ‘5 Simple Steps to Access SHS Placement Results on Sunday’. These steps to Check SHS Placement will make it very easy for you to get access to your placement status. 

The Computerised School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS) for Senior High Schools (SHS) is to be released by Sunday, September 8, 2019. 490,000 BECE Candidates Will Get SHS Placement into various Senior High Schools across Ghana.

5 Simple Steps to Access SHS Placement Results on 8th September

This means that qualified candidates can check the school the CSSPS system has placed them in by close of day Sunday.

Check your School pamcement on https://cssps.gov.gh or https://cssps.org. Yes https://cssps.gov.gh and https://cssps.org is the site for checking you 2019 BECE School placement for SHS

5 Simple Steps to Access SHS Placement Results on 8th September

The 2019 placement will offer prospective Senior High School Students who sat for the 2019 BECE an opportunity to continue their education. 

1. Obtain the relevant scratch card called the CSSPS Placement Checker. This card can be bought on line in bulk or just a copy or two. Go to BUY SCHOOL PLACEMENT CHEKER ONLINE  to buy buy a CSSPS Placement Card with Momo.

2. Again, With the aid of the computer/ phone with internet access visit the onlinw portal https://cssps.gov.gh/ or https://cssps.org

3. Click on “Check Placement

4. Also, enter your 10 digits index number to proceed. Example 0101689002 and introduce the year you took the exams. For 2019 BECE graduates your index number will be followed by 19.  Example 010168900219.

5. Finally, check if everything is correct and click submit. Patiently wait for the results of the placement to pup up.

If you were successfully placed,  print form out the school placement.

Note that, when so many people are trying to access their placement at the same time, the system may slow down or give error feedback. Just be patient and try again. 




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